Vibrisse Art Studio Italy
Our necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, and accessories are handcrafted using silver, stone, and other distinctive and precious materials including horn and rare or exotic woods.
As objects intended to provoke strong emotion, our pieces are unique and produced in strictly limited editions. More than jewelry, they push boundaries to arrive in the realm of sculpture, painting, and installation art.
Vibrisse Art Studio was created for the discerning woman who yearns to express her individuality through unique, wearable art. Vibrisse jewelry is intended for the client who is no slave to fashion trends because she is confident enough to create her own. Vibrisse Art Studio was created for you, because you appreciate style as much as substance, because you yearn to move beyond the ordinary, seeking out new vistas, recognizing that beauty is always a form of consciousness.     P. IVA 02329470468 - C.F. PRNLRI87D54G491I
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